zbeok- LookingOutwards04

I’ve played a few augmented reality games, but the project Lumen really represents something quite special on the market. AR/VR games have been all the rage, using headsets and cameras to simulate an impossible reality. However, even through all those headsets and cameras, the fact that such equipment is necessary can break the illusion. Putting on a headset and feeling it on your face obviously reminds you that you are in a game (within that magic circle). Even Pokémon Go with its meshing within real life would only be as real as your phone would allow. However, Lumen really allows for that extra sense of immersion due to its visual and portable component. It feels like a flashlight which people use, and the projections can really work with immersion by bringing the objects around us into the story. I can see how this might be a difficult project to implement, but I think it’s a fascinating thought.

Lumen – Mixed reality storytelling device