Looking through the linked list of generative artists, I find myself instantly drawn to Mark Wilson’s work. He uses computers to print layers and layers of geometric shapes. sometimes random, mostly repeated, to create these glitch patterns. In an interview he says that his code uses randomness to generate the shapes, but the way it prints out seems so controlled in a lovely way, with strangely unpredictable repeating patterns all over. Perhaps it’s because it’s done with the precision of a computer, which had to have generated the pattern in an organized manner.

Vibrant in a very old-school digital palette, it really takes me back home. I come from Silicon Valley in California, born to two electrical engineers. As a child, I’d sneak a peek at my mother’s work laptop, and I’d see semiconductor/chip diagrams that looked like Mark Wilson’s. They always reminded me of abstract art, or maybe weird maps of alien spaces within that tiny world within a chip. It’s nice to see a set of work that really emphasize that fantastical, digital quality.

Link to e90435, the work shown below