Naimark has some interesting perspectives, but I find myself only in partial agreement with him in terms of my own views. To categorize art at all is a tricky business and he does have a point, but I don’t think anyone sticks to any one category strictly. Personally, I don’t believe myself to fit into the dichotomy he describes of first or last word. My interests in art medium happens to focus on the cerebral, the learning portion of the medium. I happen to fixate on new media because I find the logic, innovation and expansion both comforting and exhilarating. However, that’s not to say that I dislike time-tested mediums; rather, I think that there is room for expansion within that too, especially on the purely abstract and creative side.

How I choose to fixate on new media happens to be a common way to think, so these strange but futuristic projects receive appreciation from the public rather than the traditionally scorned, less cerebral modern art. Many see art as useless if it isn’t advancing or “productive,” a viewpoint which new media like computers evade successfully. Someday I hope public opinion will change for other types of art as well.