tesh – UnityEssentials

Lynda Tute

It Begins…

Chapter 1:

Laid out my file structure and imported the Unity Standard Assets pack

Chapter 2:

Wow made some 3D Objects!

Chapter 3:

Importing objects into Unity

Chapter 4:

*Note – up til this step I was going from scratch but I had some issues with the imported materials in my version so I switched over to some of the tutorial’s Unity files to help follow along.

Messed with materials and animated my own slime object

Chapter 5:

Making prefabs and messing around with objects

Chapter 6:

Designing, organizing, and building the level and then populating it with prefabs

Chapter 7:

Character can walk, run, and see the different animations I built into the level so far. Also there’s physics!

Chapter 8:


Chapter 9:

Audio and sound effects

Chapter 10:

Lighting and reflectivity

Chapter 11:

More Lighting

Chapter 12:

Fog and particle effects

Chapter 13:

Bloom, color correction, and other post-processing

Chapter 14:

Triggering timeline animations and sound

Chapter 15:

The Final Build