I found “Super Mario Bros AR,” which was super interesting because it really just unlocks a lot of potential with the sorts of movements VR can make you do. The game is a recreation of the first level of Super Mario Bros, except taking place from a first person perspective. It uses Unity, and took a month to complete. Abhishek Singh, the sole creator, used the Hololens to film the video. All in all, its a pretty silly, nostalgic video, but I think it reveals some interesting power of AR- mainly, what sorts of actions feel semi-natural in AR – like walking, moving, snapping, and jumping,  (whereas knocking your head into objects didn’t seem quire right). I think the first person recreation of Mario is super common from this one to this one. I think that is its main downfall- its reliance on nostalgia, though it feels very unique and different by really changing the ways the player interacts in the world.