sheep – LookingOutwards03

One project that interested me was Entangled , by the artist Camille Utterback. In Entangled a tracker that tracks viewers movements are projected onto three transparent scrims, which then generates a wave of “paint” onto the screen. The paint is animated to move, and because they are transparent, they can be viewed from all sides. What was interesting was the breaking down of artist and viewer- the viewer becomes the artist using the software/hardware Utterback has built. I would say that it could perhaps make  the paint seem more naturalistic- it feels kind of jagged animation-ey. The E.A.T exhibit was a precursor to the venue this piece was shown at, which was an organization (standing for Experiments in Art and Tech) founded by a team of artists and engineers- Rauschenberg, Kluver, Whitman and Waldhauer. The kinds of arts shown at this first exhibit included first of its kind work, like “video projection, wireless sound transmission, and Doppler Sonar.”