I have such an interaction design crush on the project Dynamicland.

Dynamicland is a non-profit research group. Their mission is to invent a new way of interacting with computers where people work together in real space, as opposed to separately on screens. All code is printed out and laid out on the table, and programs talk to each other through projection mapping.  Current researchers include Bret Victor, Toby Schachman, Paula Te, Josh Horowitz, Luke Iannini, and Virginia McArthur.

Everyone is constantly grabbing and remixing each other’s work, because it’s all just there. Mash-ups happen in seconds. The social dynamics of programming here are completely bonkers.

People I admire such as Cabbibo, Nicky Case, May-Li Khoe, Bret Victor, and Andy Matuschak keep tweeting about how great it is and how it’s the future. I’m going to try my best to check it out, fingers crossed that I’ll be able to build something with it when I’m in California this summer.