Peter Vogel
Rhythmic Sounds, 1999

speaker, photocells, circuits, iron wire, light emitting diodes

One thing that I really appreciate about this sculpture is that it combines sculpture, sound, and interactivity with strengths in each respect.  Sculpturally, it is stripped and still elegant by arranging the raw pieces of the device in a way that resembles a musical score.  Sound wise, the piece has a fun, techno sound that perfectly fits the Berlin sound art exhibition for which it was originally composed. I also appreciate that the sculpture is generating these sounds through analog techniques.  The interaction also works in a way that engages the audience through full-body movement, visuals (the shadows), and sound.  This is a piece I would love to get the opportunity to interact with live and with other people.  Peter Vogel made multiple interactive sound pieces and sculptures, and details can be found here.  There was also a documentary made which can be viewed here.