I like this work a lot because it’s already very expressive as a dance piece but at the same time the new media enhancement added so much to it that I could kind of feel a sense of sublime. When I thought about why I felt what I felt, I think there’re a couple of elements that I can definitely learn from if I want to achieve something similar, even when using just the movement of human body. 1) dark background (as its name suggests), in this case I think it represents endless time and space, but darkness in general convey something mysterious and of big scale. 2) repetitive small elements (light dots or rays) that move in some obscure pattern, and when in viewed with the dark background it reminds the viewer of the contrast between the grand scale of the background and the tiny lights. 3) extension or scale up the source information (body movement), such as extending the movement of arms and legs with light rays. Doing so is like granting some divine power to the body in motion.

I really should’ve looked at this before doing my mocap project…