I found this piece by Seph Li ↓↓↓

At first glance I saw an image and thought it was a pretty Chinese ink art. ThenI realized it was an interactive art and I’m amazed… Based on what I know of Chinese ink art, they rely on the right amount of mix of ink and water and the right stroke weight as well as luck to express the artistic, semi abstract effect. They’re hard to control, kinda similar to watercolor. That’s probably why they’re hard to animate compared to Japanese comics and animations, whose final effect can be more precisely controlled by artists. But this artist simulated the effect really well and jeez it’s interactive. What I admire it most is this piece serves both as a static artwork and an interactive, animated piece. The motion looks very subtle and doesn’t interrupt the rest of the image. I think this can be something to consider when we use motion in our works. We can think about if the motion will play well with the rest of the piece, or just appear like glitches or interruptions.