No-logram by Joanie Lemercier

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In this piece, body positions and gestures determine the projected content. The original content is not 3D. However, where the human stands affects the camera perspective. As the human moves around, their position is captured and the image shifts accordingly to create the illusion of 3D holograms.

I find this piece extremely smart and delightful because it uses motion capture to surpass the dimensional constraint of 2D projection. It allows people to see holograms without wearing a heavy headset. I think the charm of holograms lies in the freedom of interacting with them in real space with our bodies, and this piece really accomplishes that.

Currently, the projection is on a dark screen, but the artist says he is working on developing projections on super fine particles of water, high pressure gas and custom nozzle. If he succeeds, I think the spatial quality of this interactive piece would be enhanced even more.

In other iterations of the piece, the artist also allows humans to determine projection content with gestures.