“Blow Up” is a piece designed and engineered by Scott Snibbe in conjunction with 10 other people. I’m not sure if this work really fits into our theme of “body” for this week, but the use of simple gestures to affect the environment reminds me of the projects by Design I/O. I enjoyed this piece for how simple and intuitive it is. The idea is kind of humorous in whimsical as well. I guess for me a failing of the project then is that it’s a bit too simple? It’s a fun idea, but in a gallery space, it’s more of a quick try and moment of amusement than a work to spend tons of time on. For a work that took so many people to make, I’d hope that the work would be something with more of a lasting emotional impact. This is a sentiment that follows other work by Scott Snibbe that I’ve seen (maybe his work is just not really my thing?), like “Boundary Functions”, which I also felt was very witty but not particularly interesting after the initial impression.