farcar – Unity2

Unity Beginner Scripting Lessons

Lesson 05                         

Playing with global variables

Lesson 06                         

Do While loop

Lesson 08                         

Awake() and Start()

Lesson 09                         

Update() and FixedUpdate() runtimes

Lesson 11                         

Enabling lights by spacebar

Lesson 12                         

Activating objects by spacebar

Lesson 13                         

Moving objects and rotating them using arrow keys

Lesson 14                         

Having the camera track a moving object

Lesson 15                         

Destroying game objects on keyboard inputs

Lesson 19                         

Wall flies away on mouse down

Lesson 21                         

Moving objects linearly using Time.delayTime

Lesson 23                         

I don’t know what went wrong…

Lesson 24                         

Did it again, this time using instances

Lesson 26                         

InvokeRepeating new objects every 2 seconds at random positions