farcar – LookingOutwads07

“A Moment In Time” is Southern California’s first augmented reality art show held nearly 6 years ago. Viewers hold up their devices to the artwork to see an extended view of the art. While traditional art holds boundaries limited by the canvas size, augmented reality allows the canvas to be extended by adding an extra dimension of time to the piece.

The gallery works by placing images around the the environment, acting like QR codes. Using the Roark Studio App, viewers can scan in the images with their devices to see the associated film sequence projected onto the original image. Because the images around the gallery act like QR codes, this means that anyone anywhere can load the augmented reality so long as they have a printout of the image and the app installed. The developers hope to make their artwork more view-able through this approach.

“A Moment In Time” is significant to the artistic environment of augmented reality by merging contemporary galleries with evolving technologies to demonstrate where art galleries, and art itself, may be going.