farcar – LookingOutwards06

Motion, Light, & Sound is an interactive project using realtime motion capture data to adjust light colors and sound frequencies in an environment. Not much is provided by the author, asides from the softwares they used (MadMapper, Quartz Composer, Ableton Live). The 2D location of the wrists are used for commands. When the wrist overlapps a color segment on the color wheel, it proceeds to change the color of the lights in the environment. With different swipe commands, the user can also change the color scale being presented, allowing for the user to use the scale most comfortable to them.

With all the swipe commands, it is as though this project is a 3D re-enactment of using a smartphone. Different gestures allow for different settings. Just as there are apps that allow the user to change the color of their room using a touch-screen color wheel, Motion, Light, & Sound extends this by making a 3D interface for a common 2D application.