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LED Sound is a independent project made by Japanese Vimeo user Velvet Number. Not much information is given about the work, so this is my interpretation of how it works: using an arduino with a pressure sensor, electrical signals are sent through a strip of Phillips Hues that light up in series one by one. The longer the sensor is pressed, the longer the stream of lights become. Once the stream hits the computer, it generates ellipses with frequencies that depend on the size of the overall ellipse. The longer the streams, the lower the frequency.

LED Sound is a great example of merging electrical engineering with computational arts. With something simple as an arduino, pressure sensor, and (very expensive) Phillips Hue strips, Velvet Number was able to make an artwork simple on computation yet effective on display, taking the art outside of the display and bringing it to the lightning strips: a bridge between 2D digital art and real-life art.