farcar – LookingOutwards02


Quantum Fluctuations by Markos R Kay is an ascetically captivating piece with a soft color palette and large sense of depth. The piece is created by a particle field generating random brush strokes on the canvas. The most interesting part: these particles follow a particle-collision path generated by colliding particles collided from the Large Hadron Collider, hence giving it the meaningful title Quantum Fluctuations. As a physics enthusiast myself, I am more engaged in the work because of how it is one of the first art pieces to use quantum physics as an algorithm for generative art. It tells us the nature of how art changes when we change the physical algorithm at use. The piece as a whole is at equilibrium within order and chaos. It provides for randomized bursts of paintbrushes along the canvas, but among these, bursts close by share similar color schemes and scales, showing a more ordered system at large. Objects at the bottom left can be seen more closely presented the objects in the top right thanks to the order among the chaos.