farcar – Looking Outwards 01

Generation 243 is generative art at its finest. I admire its ability to create new, fluid motion graphics with ease. I admire these abilities because I understand how difficult it can be to produce graphics such as the ones displayed. Scott Draves, the creator, made the software The Electric Sheep in 1999 to be a cyborg mind where people all around the world can interact and schedule what comes next in the the time-based art piece so that The Electric Sheep can render it. Draves was inspired by the spontaneous yet fluid look of blood lines, and hand-picked the best of them to create graphics on for the motion graphics piece. Drave’s work shows that new media artists can create their own systems to produce non-linear time-based mediums without having to animate by hand. All it takes is some presets, some manipulations, and a cyborg mind to control it all.