dechoes – fatik – ARProject

Made in collaboration with Fatik.

Step 1: Curation and Cinematography.

Fatik and I were interested in the idea of intent and perception. We wanted to go beyond the simple tech demo and concentrate heavily on curation and craft. Our project  lies at the intersection of emerging visual tech, AR, and a more classical art form, cinema. Fatik and I spent an entire day collecting items an curating an environment which we could use for filming. We concentrated heavily on color and composition in order to enhance the mundane activities we planned to depict in our scene, which themselves lied at the crossroad normal and uncanny.




Step 2: Editing and Animation.

After filming our scenes, we did a bit of post production to finalize the footage. We then decided which part of the scenes we wanted to augment. We decided to concentrate on different background  aspects of the shot which relied on perception and attention.

Step 3: Final.

We augmented our scenes by projecting them onto a wall, suggesting a possibility of using AR to augement cinema in theaters in the future.


We had a lot of issues with the model positioning and tracking. After spending a decent amount of time on Stackoverflow and Vuforia Support, we came to the conclusion that this was a Vuforia bug that we could not fix perfectly. We got it to work well enough, i.e. one in every five times or so. Vuforia is still quite the wild card.