dechoes – fatik – ARConcept

Made with collaborator fatik

Our project plays with the bigger idea of intent and perception in visual storytelling. Both of us have deep interests in film and find inspiration from the moving image. We are curious about how people’s perception differ when watching the same movies, different people notice and remember different parts (whether that’s one scene, the plot, the theme, colors and objects etc.). There is a degree of intent in making and curating a film/story from the director (and the many people involved in the story/ narrative) but the take away can differ. We wanted to play with this idea of curation and how each persons’ perception could be their own “augmentation” of the story.

Each scene we curate and create will have parts that are augmented and that could conceptually add to and alter perspectives. Some ideas we have include the idea of adding and animation objects within the curated space that might lead the viewer into a different world.

One of the main reasons behind this idea, is that we wanted to create something that was more than just a tech-demo. By creating this series of animated photographs that exist more so in the realm of aesthetics than technical prowess,  we hope to use AR in a way that has not been used before: with visual care, detail and poetry.

Mood board/ Inspiration:

Snapshots from Delicatessen- strong sense of material curation, wonder, whimsy



Snapshots from Gummo – great colors and sense of narrative, nostalgic


Other film references – Mommy, Manifesto, the Handmaiden.



Music videos: