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Rain Room by Random International

Rain Room is a beautiful project created by the 20 person London based collective Random International. This is one of my favorite installation pieces, largely due to the simplicity and elegance of its concept. It is one of the projects that makes you wish you had thought of it first. Unfortunately, I have never seen it in person, however I can readily imagine what being inside the room would feel like.

I do not have any specifications about how the work was made and how they dealt with their software, however I assume it was custom after looking at the rest of their portfolio. Furthermore, most of their employees are software engineers or creative technologists.They are specialized in interactive “experiential” installations using water and electricity.

Although indirectly, this piece does represent one of the reasons I wanted to take this class, which was mainly to improve my coding, but also to get some exposure to physical computation which I feel like I would like to direct myself towards heavily in the future.

Here is a link to the full documentation of the project on Random International’s website.