Relax from all of those CMU Fine Arts crits in the Great Hall AR bathhouse.



Using Unity engine and the Vuforia library, I created a bathhouse that can be placed in the Great Hall in CMU’s CFA building. This idea was created from the fact that I felt that there weren’t really a lot of places to feel calm and relaxed. The shape of the model is rather simple, but it uses stencil buffers to create the effect of an in-ground pool. The buffers are applied to the pool itself and the water dropping into it. On the outside of the bathhouse, the reflection is created by an image based lighting technique. A panoramic image of the area was taken and then formatted to a cubemap. Then the shader takes the cubemap and reflects it based on the location of the cubemap relative to the location of the pixel and the normal.

The resources I used:

Image Based Lighting

For assembling the in-ground pool and this too

Also a huge thanks to Golan, Claire, Joe Doyle, and tesh for help on shaders