Below is my initial design.

I really like this design, but this seemed like a rather large project for something that is due tomorrow, so I decided to save it for a rainy day. Next is my simplified design.

As seen above, I was going to have all of the triangles pop out. When writing this program, I first made all of the inner points move in and out and then went on to do the outer points. But when I went to make the diagonal triangles move, I liked the current pulsating animation so much that I kept it as it is. Finally, the final design.

Here is a pdf:

Below is my code:

float diameter = 44;
float ex = 0;
void octagon(float ex, int x, int y, float diameter)
  float angle1 = 45; 
  float angle23 = 67.5;
  float nx2 = x-((diameter/2)*cos(radians(angle23))), ny2 = y-((diameter/2)*sin(radians(angle23)));
  float nx3 = x+((diameter/2)*cos(radians(angle23))), ny3 = y-((diameter/2)*sin(radians(angle23)));
  float sx2 = x-((diameter/2)*cos(radians(angle23))), sy2 = y+((diameter/2)*sin(radians(angle23)));
  float sx3 = x+((diameter/2)*cos(radians(angle23))), sy3 = y+((diameter/2)*sin(radians(angle23)));
  float ex2 = x+((diameter/2)*cos(radians(angle1/2))), ey2 = y-((diameter/2)*sin(radians(angle1/2)));
  float ex3 = x+((diameter/2)*cos(radians(angle1/2))), ey3 = y+((diameter/2)*sin(radians(angle1/2)));
  float wx2 = x-((diameter/2)*cos(radians(angle1/2))), wy2 = y-((diameter/2)*sin(radians(angle1/2)));
  float wx3 = x-((diameter/2)*cos(radians(angle1/2))), wy3 = y+((diameter/2)*sin(radians(angle1/2)));
  triangle(x, y-ex, nx2, ny2-ex, nx3, ny3-ex);
  triangle(x, y+ex, sx2, sy2+ex, sx3, sy3+ex);
  triangle(x+ex, y, ex2+ex, ey2, ex3+ex, ey3);
  triangle(x-ex, y, wx2-ex, wy2, wx3-ex, wy3);
  triangle(x+(ex*cos(radians(45))), y-(ex*sin(radians(45))), nx3, ny3, ex2, ey2);
  triangle(x-(ex*cos(radians(45))), y-(ex*sin(radians(45))), nx2, ny2, wx2, wy2);
  triangle(x-(ex*cos(radians(45))), y+(ex*sin(radians(45))), wx3, wy3, sx2, sy2);
  triangle(x+(ex*cos(radians(45))), y+(ex*sin(radians(45))), sx3, sy3, ex3, ey3);
void drawArtFrame (int whichFrame) { 
  if (whichFrame < nFrames/2){
    ex = map(whichFrame, 0, nFrames/2, 0, diameter/4);
  if (whichFrame >= nFrames/2){
    ex = diameter/4-map(whichFrame, nFrames/2, nFrames, 0, diameter/4); 
  octagon(ex, 0, 0, diameter);