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If all art were classified on a spectrum ranging from First Word Art to Last Word Art, with 0 equating to First Word and 10 to Last Word, my interests would be around 3. I enjoy viewing a few artists on Tumblr post their innovative work because I want to see how far they will take their artistic skill and limits. The daring moves are courageous, and I agree with those that say that First Word Art is a pure form of artistic ability. That being said, I enjoy older paintings that would be classified under Last Word Art because it’s intriguing to see the inspiration for the current First Word Art age.

It’s interesting to see how people integrate technology into their daily lives and then pop culture. For example, emojis are literally everywhere. This came from the popularity of smartphones and social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. It’s incredibly likely that majority of people in America knows what an emoji is. Now, the emoji has been branded into many products like house slippers, stickers, and plushies. There was even a movie released about emojis this summer. Thus, one can say that the introduction of the smartphone lead to this wave of emojis in popular culture.