aahdee – Interruptions

Observations about Interruptions

  1. The artwork is composed of black lines.
  2. The lines are short.
  3. The background is a light grey.
  4. Most of the lines have the same slope.
  5. There are gaps of varying length and width.
  6. Some of the lines cross.
  7. There seems to be a set space between the lines in some instances of the artwork.
  8. The artwork is square
  9. The artwork has implied borders.
  10. There is a flow and ordered relationship among the lines.

To create Interruptions in p5.js, I first started with a random line generator that produced lines of a fixed length in random places on the screen. Then, I implemented a if statement that asserted that all start points of the line would not be inside of an area of a fixed length from a mouse click. A challenging trait that I found difficult to reproduce was the common slope of the lines. I assumed that angles were calculated in degrees automatically when they are not, so I was puzzled over why my slopes did not appear to be consistent. After this project, I appreciate the way that JavaScript handles arrays because having to resize an array to make it seem like it has an infinite number of indexes would be a pain.