Xastol – LookingOutwards04

Kimchi and Chips’ piece, Light Barrier, concerns a form of real-time processing involving the reflection of light.

The piece involves sound and the reflection of light through mirrors. Not only is this an interaction between the user who experiences the reflections, it’s an interaction between space and time. (“The light installation creates floating graphic objects which animate through space as they do through time.”)

I enjoy this interaction mainly because it allows for new forms of visuals to be experienced in open space. As a filmmaker, light plays a huge role in filming and projecting movies. I also believe this project leaves open the discussion of using light, and open space as seen in the video, as a medium for having films/images “appear out of thin air”. In general, Kimchi and Chips’ work set the new standard for interactive visual experiences and create the opportunity for artists to develop new forms of media through light.

Website: http://kimchiandchips.com/#lightbarrier

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