This project doesn’t have sketches because I began my process with an intent on experimenting with my previous project, Loops. And my experiment was so successful that I never had reason to try another idea. Instead of drawing the cycloid circles in the Loop project, I tried plotting their center points throughout their movement in a circle (within a circle, within a circle, etc). This worked out beautifully, creating an intricate, delicate looking pattern. I then found an optimal variable to modify in as many ways as I could think of, changing the constants and variables with different mathematical operations, negative values, and additional constants and value changes. I named each work after it’s mathematical expression, which also helped in recreating it later if I needed to revisit it.


This is the original loop project, followed by an example of my modified visuals for this project drawing themselves:


I created over 20 unique designs, a few of which are outlined below:

0-5xi 2i div1-5-0-5i div3-0-5xi div3-0-1xi


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