Rafael Loazno’s “Please Empty Your Pockets”

link to the project
This installation consists of “a conveyor belt with a computerized scanner that records and accumulates everything that passes under it”.
I think it is a really clever use of a combination of scanner and screen, and the moment people remove their object and the image of their object is still there feels really magical, and interactive art is wonderful often just because of these magical moments.
Moreover the interaction looks really great. People not only interact with the piece, but also in some way interact with those who interacted with the piece before them, since they can see all the things that has ever been placed on the belt. And then they add their own contribution to this collection of things. It’s like leaving one’s own mark on a monument.
Visually the piece has a very special style that reminds me of pop art, since it consists of many small, colorful every day objects.
It also make me contemplate what does it mean for an object to be in a pocket. It needs to be small to fit in a pocket, and it is necessary for it to be quickly accessible. Seeing the all these contents of people’s pockets almost make me believe objects kept in pockets should belong to a category. Like dogs, cats and pocket objects.

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