I found this to be a really interesting project by Lauren McCarthy, a project in which individuals have physical followers as opposed to followers in the digital world. I feel like it is interesting how it shifts the idea of a “follower” from something that creates a system of meritocracy to something that might mean you are being stalked, and how being followed is no longer a means of validation in the latter case. As charming of an idea as this is, I have doubts about who would actually get the app and use it. It’s really funny but I wonder if there’s a way to trick people into using it. I suppose I could also see people intentionally using it. When you are a follower, you are doing the stalking, but maybe to the follower it’s just “people watching”. Interesting to see how this is perceived from both sides of the experience.

Follower – Attention, surveillance and physicality of social media


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