tigop- last project proposal

Originally, I described creating an interactive creature. I later shifted gears, trying to create an interactive world that a user can move through. It functions as a game, but I feel it is relevant to my practice as it incorporates the fictional world I have created and the manifesto that I wrote (which is relevant to censorship, class power struggles, and amending the current system in place if it appears wrong). My goal with this project (before I had made it) was to make the world reveal some sort of greater truth- and I think this could have also been done in a data driven way, but that just isn’t the way I’ve been working recently. After a bit more research, I would like to have data revealed about dependents looking to divorce or minors looking for emancipation, but this wasn’t the place to do that or I didn’t feel like I knew how to incorporate it into the fictional world just yet. I also originally planned on using the makey makey, but then there were too many moving parts so I decided to keep it a bit simpler.

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