Lumar-LookingOutwards 8

Hiroshi Ishi mentioned materials that translated the intangible yet versatile digital ‘pixel’ or atom, to the physical. He proposes radical, interactive, auto-adaptive materials.

I am very much excited about moving towards tangible media! A particular sentiment that Ishi expressed – “digital pixel, you can’t touch, it…it sucks”. The direction he proposes for technology is one where in more technology will feel like less. Technology will be used to make technology ‘ invisible’ in the sense that most will be translateable to the physical world.

The little motorized tile ‘pixels’ presented at Lexus Design Conference in Milan is a perfect example.

Here’s a little bits/tangible media inspired collaboration project of mine from earlier:


This is an arduino project that I really enjoyed. The sound generated from motion when applied with body motion capture can give a whole new depth to the phrase “percussive dance”

DODECAUDION (2011) from ◥ panGenerator on Vimeo.

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