Created with Processing, project available on GitHub.

Creating this was an interesting process. I’m not sure if there is a real way to access the bone-by-bone data through the API, but I ended up modifying the BVH parser code directly, outside of my main Processing file. I used each bone element as a starting point to randomly draw lines to two other randomly picked bones in the body, and connect them to create a triangle (with a semi-opaque fill). I chose to have the triangles change position every frame rather than retain their assigned bones throughout, because I thought it was more abstract and exciting than a static triangle shape moving with the movement of the bones.

Some issues I ran into: I found it easier to access bone data (again, by modifying the parser library) compared to the three.js library, therefore my final project stayed in Processing. I also found it to be very glitchy with other found BVH/mocap recordings found online. I have a folder full of hundreds of recordings, my favorites being martial-arts based movements. However, even though these all work in three.js demo file, they did not work at all the Processing thing, and I’m unsure why. It was not a normal crash (array index out of bounds or some other error). Instead, it would just look weird, glitchy and move all over the place, with no actual code errors.


I have no planning/sketches as I was creating this project experimentally rather than planned like some of my other projects.

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