I really wanted to go – but I fell asleeeeeeeeeeep.

Anyway, on another note: Daniel Rozin!!!!

“Wooden Mirror – 1999
830 square pieces of wood, 830 servo motors, control electronics, video camera, computer, wood frame.
Size – W 67” x H 80” x D 10” (170cm , 203cm, 25cm).
Built in 1999, this is the first mechanical mirror I built. This piece explores the line between digital and physical, using a warm and natural material such as wood to portray the abstract notion of digital pixels.”

I think his work with making wooden mirrors has a particularly good point in relation to the plotter project – something that I wish I had considered more (should’ve restocked on my different pens) was the physical medium used for computational output. His quote “explores the line between digital and physical” I think is a key consideration in making a successful plotter rendition and something that makes me wish I had thought of more beyond simply bringing in different pens (pens that I should have bought replacement nibs for before 2 am of wednesday night….thursday morning….).

The wooden mirror wouldn’t have been quite as successful if it was simply a digital rendition of video input  –  the fact that the data effects something physical (and depends on the physical environment like lighting and angles of the wood blocks to create value!) in the world makes the piece all the more enthralling. Affecting and responding/dependent to digital and physical environment. WOw. Mind twist. It doesn’t work out of context (it needs the light to be that particular angle in order for the tilt of the squares to work to create shadow)


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