Lecture 09-30: Faceware

Remarks and Updates.

  • Feedback on Animated GIF Loops from Rachel Binx and Marius Watz has been posted.
  • You did wonderful work on the plotter prints last night. I’m waiting to hear from one more outside reviewer, so I’m likely to send off the links to your projects on Sunday. (Discussion) In your opinion, what was the pedagogic value of this assignment?
  • Please read my assignments completely. (For example: Several of you did not generate a GIF for the GIF loop assignment, which defeats much of the pedagogic value of the assignment. Several of you did not notice that I provided you with sample code in Processing for exporting PDFs, etc.)
  • Digging a little deeper. Three of you (hizlik, aliot, ngdon) selected the same person for your Looking Outwards — “coincidentally” the first name (alphabetically) in a big list.
  • WEIRD REALITY. Tom Hughes and Anna Henson will ask you to sign up for your work hours for the conference today. Thank you!

Examples from “Faces in Media Art”

The scope of these links is approximately bound to works that deal with recognition, detection, and tracking, but may extend into works that involve computationally remixed portraiture.

Digging this forest mask @gordey made

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Video Projects



Works we didn’t have time to discuss