This week’s looking outwards, I’ve chosen to write about Stefanie Prosavec, someone whom I’d heard of before, but really changed the way I thought about visualization and introduced me to code.

I first stumbled across her work about two years ago, and was immediately drawn in by the intricacy and artistry of her visualizations, that treated the product as a piece that was meant to be equally beautiful as it was informative. Specifically, her projects: writing without words, which looked at quantifying and visualizing text in a way I’d never seen before.

The visualizations she created were not so much exact and measured as they were textural and interpretive, providing comparisons that could be felt between texts, which created a sort of visual persona for different pieces of literature, and even recognizable visual styles for different authors.

Ironically, her work was created ‘by hand’ in illustrator rather than being coded, and after seeing how powerful this form of visualization could be, it only underscored the importance of programming as a design tool for exploring and communicating information.

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