When I was 12, I was on the way back to Chicago from visiting my grandparents in Louisville, and had only the Toy Story 2 DVD and a portable DVD player to entertain myself. After I watched the movie and sat around bored for a while, I decided to watch the movie again but this time with directors commentary.

In that, they talked a lot about how far 3D computer animation had come since the first Toy Story. How now they were able to process and render so much more than just a few years ago. I hadn’t really thought all that much about the difference technological advances had made in 3D animation until then. All of the sudden I was noticing the difference in quality between every 3D animation I watched and decided going down a career path in the animation industry would be fun.

PIXAR has pushed once stiff moving characters, to nearly photo realistic accuracy and are always looking to continue to push the limits of computer animation. But PIXAR in addition to their A+ team of software engineers, has amazing artists and storytellers. It’s not all about the graphics that makes their movies enjoyable, but their commitment to the highest industry standards, is admirable.

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