I wanted to make a clock based on the movement of planets so I started with the key in the upper right corner. It works similar to a clock face, the sun acts as the center and the planet acts as the hour hand. From there the planet then acts as the center and the moon acts as a minute hand.

Relative to the planet though, I wanted one revolution of the planet around the sun to act as a year. The stars in the sky slowly rotate around the the point in the center of the screen when the compass points North over the course of the 12 hour year to show different parts of the year.  One revolution of the moon around the planet would equate to one month with the appropriate phases of the moon. I also have the sun rise and set every minute.

I wanted the viewer to be able to see both the sunrise and sunset as they happened, so I tried to make a panorama 180 degree view. There is a side scroll when the mouse is near the left or right edge of the window, as well as a compass to let the user know which direction their facing.

I didn’t initially intend for this clock to almost mirror our 12 months/year, ~30 days/month calendar, but that’s just how it ended up. Throughout the process I became painfully aware of the annoyance of leap day and how a calendar year in all units of measurement doesn’t line up exactly.




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