Drewch – LookingOutwards04

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As cool as these sorts of interactive public pieces are, I personally am not interested in them. I don’t feel compelled to make interactive walls/projections (ex. top right pic), or real-world games (ex. Heather Kelly). If I become more accomplished as coder in the future, I find myself making interactive art on the screen, or on a VR headset (not that I think anything else isn’t worthwhile, it’s just that they don’t compel me).

I’m sure we all know the wonders of art on the computer screen, so let me talk about my interest in VR instead. Outside of games, I don’t know many VR projects that I follow (maybe because Google is algorithmically feeding me VR games instead of VR experiences because it knows I like games) but I still remember some of the projects Golan showed in class, like Poop VR. Being able to be transported to a completely different world is amazing. It’s the future. VR can provide social interactions, narrative devices, and personal investment that other mediums can’t accomplish as well.



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