It was very exciting to have had the chance to be reviewed by top notch creators in the field! (Thank you for your time!!!)

I very much agree with a lot of the points they brought up! As a functional clock – my piece is somewhat difficult to immediately decipher time with. I think I had taken the assignment as an opportunity to just play with looping gradients that entwine and tangle with each other (hence the extra “unnecesary” mouse feature). Exercising designerly restraint will be something I work on in the future – as for the clock – I did have various color versions posted; I wonder what they thought of that?

(and perhaps start on the programming more immediately – a big restraint was simply getting the technical to work within my personal time limits. I had less time to really consider design; in hindsight, during my exploration/ideation process, I might have spent too long looking at a variety of ideas that I hadn’t narrowed it down to a single one to refine until time ran short)

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