Clacker- Looking Outwards 04

Camille Utterback’s External Measurements series began in 2001 and presents an interesting example of interactive art in a museum setting. This project has existed in multiple iterations, but across each, a digital work of art is augmented by physical movement around the room it is in. The projected image is a representation of an aesthetic system which responds to input from an overhead video camera. Custom tracking allows parts of the digital work to respond entirely to the movement and placement of the people in the room. I am particularly interested in this work as it excels both as an aesthetic work of art and a creative use of interactive technology. Her work does not rely on technology as an aesthetic, but instead as a tool for pushing what could have been a still image further. She does not compromise her aesthetic interests for technology and thus is able to produce unique and beautiful works of art that benefit from both her technical interests and the aesthetic systems.

Read more about her work here.

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