Clacker- Looking Outwards 05

Laura Juo-Hsin Chen is a creative technologist and self proclaimed “doodler” from Taipei, Taiwan. She uses her background in traditional 3D animation and desire to celebrate the mundane and the weirdness of human interaction to make captivating virtual reality experiences. My favorite of her projects is “Poop VR” which is a communal virtual reality pooping experience. The aesthetic quality of the virtual reality experience is very high, as it combines the lovely aspects of hand drawn animation with the weirdness and absurdity of virtual reality as a medium. The idea of the project is that while pooping, you can check into this virtual reality shared space, and see avatars of other individuals pooping in their respective location, also logged into the vr experience. You can interact with other users by saying hello, walking around and shooting poop at each other. The virtual reality experience is completely browser based which is very interesting to me, as it seems to have the ability to be a truly interactive experience using the current climate of virtual reality.

See more of her work here.

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