Catlu – LookingOutwards06

A pair of bots I really liked were Thricedotted’s The Rhymin’ Riddler, and the Riddler’s Apprentice. The Rhymin’ Riddler posts riddles that always start off with “What do you call a…” and then the other bot the Riddler’s Apprentice will respond with an answer to that riddle that will rhyme. One thing I like about these bots is how funny they are. Often, the answers to the riddles make more sense than I expect them to, all while rhyming. I like that there are two bots that interact with each other. I think the idea of bot interaction is really nice, because even though the twitter accounts are just bots, they seem to take on more personality when there’s plausible interaction between the two, and the tweets seem mysteriously more intriguing automatically. It’s funny how you can almost see the relationship between the riddler and the apprentice.




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