For my bots investigation, I looked mainly at visual-computational bots that consume an image and reply with a manipulated version. My favourite one of these bots was @pixelsorter (see above results), but I also just Img Rays, Img Shredder, and IMG2ASCIII particularly enjoy two aspects of these types of bots: 

  1. That you send a tweet and then know you will get a reply within a 30-90 seconds, in contrast to how Twitter is normally used (when you don’t know whether or not someone will reply), this is interesting.
  2. But, you don’t know what it will be and the waiting period makes it such that it’s hard to brute force out an understanding of the algorithm.

Together, this created an interesting human-like interaction that a lot like talking to a real person on twitter. checking out  Unfortunately, sometimes the bots didn’t reply, which was very depressing.

A few other fun things I came across while exploring:

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