Nora Reed makes a lot of pretty funny twitterbots that sit at the intersection of trolling and satire. Here are a few samples from different bots she’s made:


capture1 capture2


But the bot that takes the cake is Carol, a bot that tweets ridiculous conservative Christian-like phrases in an attempt to troll stuck up internet atheists.

And people actually took this bot for a human being, got angry with it, and started twitter fights. All the bot could do was tweet back generic responses, which made people even angrier because their points weren’t getting through to her.

As funny as it is, with groups of people like the Westboro Baptist Church and other pretty extreme organizations always spewing stuff like this unironically, Carol is pretty convincing, and as outrageous as the things she says are, the people that interact with her also come across as pretty pathetic. Fights with strangers over the internet can be funny, but no one wants to be the guy who’s actually a part of it.



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