Zarard- LastProject

Over the semester I’ve been working with the Carnegie Museuem of Art to analyze artwork from the photographer Teenie Harris. Teenie Harris was an amazing photojournalist who captured the most comprehensive visuals of Black American life from the 1930s to the 1970s. Because I am working on this project for the next 1.5 years, I wanted my last project to lay the foundation for future explorations.

So my project was essentially to create a collection of scripts to aid me in visually annotating the Teenie Harris archive and create a system of storing that information.

Things I did over the 3 weeks:

Got code working with Microsoft Azure to get face and emotion data for the Teenie Harris Archive, as well as tagging. Which involved debugging their starter code and working with tech support to figure out why my api keys didn’t work.

Figured out Jupyter

Installed and set up a MongoDB database to hold data from Teenie Harris Archive.

Learned the Pymongo driver for interacting with MongoDB through python.

Learned multithreading so that the code could run 12 times as fast (hours instead of weeks)

Integrated the data and descriptions from the Carnegie Museum of Art into the database.

Integrated the data and descriptions from dlib into the database.

Got Familiar with the OpenCV library and the Pillow library for annotating and photo manipulation.

Created images that combined CMOA, Dlib, Azure, and OpenCV data and inserted them into a database.

All of this work sets me up to do meaningful composition analysis on the data. View the results below:

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