Nike+ Collab: City Runs

YesYesNo Team: Zach Lieberman, Emily Gobeille and Theo Watson.

This project is fascinating for me because it takes real time data from nike+ sensors in people’s shoes to light up a map. The thing that makes the project so fascinating though is the scale at which this data is produced. Since Nike has thousands of people wearing their shoes, their data generates all kinds of variation, but also a consistency where they have their Nike training sessions.  One thing that makes the interactivity so captivating is how the lines evoke the energy they are representing. It is one of the few monochromatic projects that I’ve seen that actually work and a lot of that comes from the glowing style evoked from the lines but also the layering with street life.

If I were to change something about the project, I’d probably layer current runs over previous runs or do something to highlight the change over time. I can imagine that at certain times of the day the project “dims out” because no one is running. An even cooler idea would be to highlight runners running the same path so you could look at it like a race.

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