I am personally interested in last word art, specifically that which stands the test of time. I consider experimentation to be important but to me it feels like JUST the beginning, and lacking of more mastery. While new technology is allowing constant experimentation and a never-ending feeling of “newness”, It is still slow to be accepted into established and more prestigious museums (MOMA, Guggenheim, Louvre). This is because the works are so new and experimental, that they don’t evoke the same feeling of completeness like when you look at a Jackson Pollock piece. Part of the reason why the sense of completeness isn’t their because we as a culture are still shaping and defining what it means to make quality pieces that lie in the intersection of Art and Technology. Although some may argue that technology is essentially an ephemeral medium anyways that doesn’t require a piece to stand the test of time, I would argue that the digital footprint we leave is more thorough and permanent than ever before, and that in the age of data where everything is recorded and stored… our art might last forever … and maybe that means it should have the last word.

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