kadoin-Looking Outwards-01


This short film, Interim Camp, by the new media studio Field, explores an entirely computer generated landscape made in Processing. The terrain is shifty and constantly vibrating, almost like the rocky planet is some sort of giant living organism.

I was first drawn to this piece because some of the stills generated by the program looked fascinating and with the shifting surreal colors, the planet looked totally alien. It reminded me of a video game I had played called MirrorMoon, a low poly puzzle game I played through it mostly for the visuals. This being just a video I was left wishing that it was more interactive and allowed me to explore the world more on my own sense it gave off such an exploratory impression.

In some of the studio’s more recent work, they have added a great deal of interactivity. Most similar to Interim Camp though, is an interactive piece called City of Drones where the user can navigate through an infinite cityscape.


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