For this week’s project, I decided to develop a clock in a setting that seems indifferent of time: the void. This idea of a void being a placeholder for time came to be when I realized these seemingly empty/endless places (voids, black-holes, etc.) only seem to be empty and endless because there lacks evidence of anything existing in them. However, just because our understanding of a subject is restricted doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Imagining a void with characteristics completely different from most expectations, I decided to give the void boundaries and make the color of the three different creatures vibrant. The hour creatures are the largest of the three and move very slowly. The minute creatures are middle-sized and move at a calm pace. The second creatures are the smallest and the fastest, as they appear and disappear the most. Additionally, each creature has a number placed on it (representing in number in terms of time). However, these numbers are purposefully placed in hard to read areas of the creature. This ties directly with the previous theme that just because something is not visible (we don’t understand), doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Github Code Link: https://github.com/xapostol/60-212/tree/master/Deliverables%202%20-%20xastol/clock_p5


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