Catlu – Clock


For this project I went through several ideas. First I thought about the human biology and considered clocks that were measured in heartbeats and breaths. Later, I thought about making a clock on the 28 day average menstrual cycle. Slowly, I moved away from this biological theme as I shifted to a more personal view of time. The clock I chose to do in the end was a clock based on emotions I was feeling while brainstorming. These feelings were of a lack of time. Often I feel that there is much to do in the day, but the time gets away from me and just burns away. I end up getting close to nothing done. This cloth represents the feeling of watching your blank day being eaten up before you can make a memorable mark on it, leaving only the nothingness underneath. I hope it is a reminder that time is precious, and a bit of a fright when you check back and see the fire has consumed more than you thought.

Making the clock involved a lot of research. Initially, I had no idea how I would make the fire. After looking around the P5.js website and trying a few methods including particles and shapes, I decided that perlin noise would be the best way to handle it. I watched all of Dan Shiffman’s videos on perlin noise, and also found some useful reference code The clock is on a 24 hour schedule meant to symbolize the passing of the day. Time can be estimated by the amount of un-burned paper left within the white frame, the frame of time.

For some reason my pictures refused to upload in the correct orientation. Please click on them to see them correctly. Thanks!




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